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                                                        Chef Mel’s Inc.

Regardless of religion, race, social status, or demographics food is what brings us together. Throughout our society, food is the common denominator.  It is the underlying element of family gatherings, social events, and those special occasions.  

My personal passion and love for food has motivated me to bring a special experience to people in a familiar manner that evokes warm, emotional memories. When I create a dish, I put my heart and soul into every aspect in hopes that the finished product will bring comfort and enjoyment.  My goal is to spark nostalgia from the meaningful times in one’s life such as grandma’s cooking or a fond memory.  I want my food to be the connection to your life and memories.

Our family has experienced great change through the years. Some of the change has been for the better while other times have been a struggle. However, these experiences have strengthened us and allowed us to adapt.  As a family, we have learned to embrace adversity.

We believe that family transcends bloodlines. The strongest bonds in business occur when employees, partners, and distributors alike are treated as family. It is our belief then that this respect is then reciprocated and further opportunities arise. Together, as a family, we are then able to continually help pull others up.

Our cultural promise and belief is that success comes to those who are surrounded by others who are willing to contribute in order for all to succeed. Our enthusiasm opens new doors of possibilities that we aim to share with others. Our ability to inject intense passion into everything we do makes us strong leaders. We not only venture new paths few would traverse we are also committed to seeing those challenges through to fruition. 

We are passionate about our values and mission at Chef Mel’s’, where we continually encourage happiness, and success through the freedom of expression.

We seek out the opportunities that others don’t see.  We recognize that opportunities are everywhere, every day, and we are committed to making the most of those that cross our path.   

                                                           Be significant!