About us

Chef Mel’s began when co-founders Sam Gross and Chef Melanie Bonney agreed the world needed a little sweet heat.  After attending culinary school, Chef Melanie Bonney began working at Loggers Tap House as the executive chef, where she met Sam Gross, owner and eventual business partner. Over two and a half years, they worked as a team to turn the new restaurant into a success. 

After Chef Melanie developed Liquid Gold, it quickly became a hit within the local community. It became clear, that Sam and Melanie needed to bring Liquid Gold and other products to the culinary world. During Chef Mel’s formation, an opportunity arose to participate in a startup accelerator program in partnership with Oregon State University and RAIN Corvallis.  Participation in this program has since helped to develop the company and its products.

Chef Mel’s products are now available in stores throughout Oregon and beyond.