Regardless of religion, race, social status, or demographics food is what brings us together. Throughout our society, food is the common denominator. It is the underlying element of family gatherings, social events, and those special occasions.

My personal passion and love for food has motivated me to bring a special experience to people in a familiar manner that evokes warm, emotional memories. When I create a dish, I put my heart and soul into every aspect in hopes that the finished product will bring comfort and enjoyment. My goal is to spark nostalgia from the meaningful times in one’s life such as grandma’s cooking or a fond memory. I want my food to be the connection to your life and memories.

Currently we have three amazing sauce and one very special Rub. "Liquid Gold"is a very first sauce . Liquid Gold is Sweet, spicy and tangy all at the same time. Next we have our "Jalaberry" and our "Golden Inferno. Our sauces are the most versitile on the market and can be used on just about anything, from dipping, topping, as a glaze. marinade or dressing or add it to any exsisting recipe for the added special touch. They can use it on deserts and in drinks as well the possibilities are truly endless.  

We believe here at Chef Mel's that great ingredients make great foods. so we do not use anything artificial in our products. They are Gluten Free, Choleserol Free, Sodium Free, Fat Free, Vegan and Vegitarian friendly. We only use Non GMO verified products. 

LIQUID GOLD- made with habanero peppers to give it the right amount of heat . yummy!!

JALABERRY- Made with a five Oregon Berry blend of delicious berries , fresh Jalapenos . Amazing!!

GOLDEN INFERNO- Made with peaches and Carolina Reapers . for an amazing blend of sweet and spiciness!!

CHEF MEL'S RUB- a wonderful blend of herbs and spices like no other!!